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Alternative Programs


Arts Core programming incorporates the visual and performing arts into everyday learning. Students explore their creativity and self-expression through art, music, dance and drama. 


Develop artistic and academic skills

  • Explore and communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas using a variety of art forms


  • Improved understanding of art, music, drama and dance theory and technique
  • Development of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Improved ability to apply knowledge and skills from one subject area to other areas
  • Access to a wide range of artistic tools and processes
  • Respect for individual, cultural and artistic diversity
  • Awareness and appreciation of the arts


  • Instruction that incorporates the arts into language arts, math, science and social studies
  • Additional study of the arts, music, drama and dance provided in individual classes
  • Use of the arts to articulate understanding of learning outcomes
  • Taking risks and exploring personal challenges in a safe environment  
  • Opportunities to respond to, create and present works of art through performances and events
  • Guest speakers, artist-in-residence, arts-related field trips and involvement of the local arts community